Kisah Smoker dan Vitamin C

Anda menghisap rokok? Ayah? Abang? Adik? Suami anda? Jika ya. Teruskan membaca.

Kisah Smoker dan Vitamin C
Kisah Smoker dan Vitamin C
"Nicotine and the toxic substances found in cigarette smoke have a huge impact on the detoxification process of the body.

Smoking causes cell damage, which leads to diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol levels, coronary and circulatory problems, respiratory disorders and an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Smoking drains the body of many essential vitamins and minerals, affecting your ability to absorb these vital nutrients.

Smoking causes most problems for vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the body's main antioxidants. Antioxidants are linked to the prevention of a number of diseases. Vitamin C also helps you to absorb iron. Low levels of vitamin C are linked to a lack of iron.

The more you smoke, the more vitamin C you lose from your tissues and blood. But your body needs more vitamin C to counteract the damage that smoking causes to your cells.

To make up for this disturbance, a smoker needs to increase their vitamin C intake to around 2000mg a day. This can't be achieved by diet alone, so a supplement is needed.

Smokers should also try to increase their intake of antioxidants, mainly from fruit and vegetables. That said, no amount of supplements or antioxidants can protect the body against the damage caused by smoking.

The only real solution is to quit smoking."

Kandungan Bahan Bahaya dalam sebatang rokok
Kandungan Bahan Bahaya dalam sebatang rokok

Just one stick of cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals including 70 carcinogenic substances, some of which are highly toxic:

AcetonePaint remover
ButhaneLighter fluid
AmmoniaToilet cleaner
Polonium210Radioactive substance
MethaneSewer gas
MethanolRocket fuel
Arsenic cyanidePoison
Nicotine DDTInsecticide
HexamineBarbecue Lighter
Stearic AcidCandle Wax
Acetic AcidVinegar
Arsenic cyanidePoison
Carbon MonoxideCar exhaust fumes

Rasa nak berhenti?

Berapa banyak wang anda dapat simpan jika anda berhenti merokok? 

Untuk perokok yang merokok 20 batang (berdasarkan RM10 sekotak) sehari:

Seminggu dapat simpan RM70.
Sebulan dapat simpan RM300.
Setahun dapat simpan RM3,650.
5 tahun dapat simpan RM18,250.
10 tahun dapat simpan RM36,500. Kaching!! $$$. Hehehe.

10 Manfaat Vitamin C Shaklee
10 Manfaat Vitamin C Shaklee

Jadi kalau tak dapat nak buat orang tersayang berhenti merokok, belikan dia Vita-C ni. That would help them a lot insyaAllah. Klik sini untuk info lebih lanjut tentang Vitamin C.

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