Water Weight Loss

Contrary to the popular belief, water does not make you fat. In fact, the opposite is true. Studies and research have shown that water can actually help you lose body fat and generalized body weight both directly and indirectly, a phenomenon known as “water weight loss”.

Water causes weight loss in multiple ways such as:

Water acts as an appetite suppressant
It is true. The water you drink goes directly into your stomach and stays there for a while. Remember, it’s your stomach where all the hunger cravings originate and the main cause of these so called “hunger pains” is the hungry, empty stomach. When your stomach is filled with water, it gives a signal to your brain (through the nerve endings of your stomach) that you are already full or at least partially full. As a result, you have a lesser desire to eat and it eventually leads to reduced calorie consumption.

Water acts as a natural flush / cleanse
We must remember that all of our body cells and every vital process of our living body such as digestion, metabolism, respiration and excretion need water as a medium. Indeed, water provides the channel or the main source through which unwanted waste materials, undesired toxins, and nitrogenous substances are eliminated and finally excreted out of the body via urine. As a result, your blood is cleaned in a regular cyclic process and this facilitates and accelerates the rate of metabolism, digestion and absorption of food. As a result, you have a better developed ability to burn calories faster.

Water acts as an exercise booster
Regular and proper weight loss exercise is essential for you to lose weight progressively and successfully. However, as you exercise, your body cells are quickly depleted of the required water content, a condition known as dehydration. To keep your body systems and the living cells “rehydrated”, you need a consistent water supply on regular basis. Therefore, while drinking at least 7 to 8 glasses a day is recommended, weather conditions and daily physical activity may even increase this requirement. For example, if you are sweating excessively due to exercise of hot climate or warm weather, you may need additional water.

Water acts as a diet-pill & drink enhancer
While not many people are unaware of this fact yet, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths and herbalists are now increasingly recommending increased water intake with various diet pills and weight loss drinks consumption. It has been shown that drinking excess water can actually ensure rapid digestion and absorption of certain weight loss pills and drinks and, as a result, a person can lose weight quickly and more efficiently. However, one must remember that not every herbal weight loss pill, drink or patch will work effectively and safely for everyone. Therefore, careful and trust-worthy consideration should be made while choosing the weight loss pill or a recommended diet drink.

Bottom line…
All in all, water weight loss is an achievable and maintainable phenomenon and drinking sufficient quantities of water on daily basis can surely help you slim and trim down your abnormally-shaped figure and feel more refreshed and revitalized. The best part is that it would not cost you a penny and will also help eliminate unwanted toxins from your living systems and the body. Source.

P/S: Penting ye pengambilan air kosong ni. Bukan untuk ibu2 menyusu yang nak tambah susu je kena banyak minum air. Nak kurus pun kena banyak minum air :) Bulan2 puasa ni make sure cukup water intake dari berbuka sampai bersahur k!

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