Nutrient Info: Vitamin C

Nutrient Info: Vitamin C
Nutrien Info : Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that was recognized as a cure for scurvy long before it was isolated in 1933. In recent years, it has received a great deal of public attention as a cure for the common cold.

But Vitamin C does much more than just prevent scurvy and colds. For example,
- as an antioxidant, it delays ageing and prevents age-related disease from arthritis to Parkinson's disease;
- as an antihistamine, it alleviates allergies; and
- as antipollutant, it eliminates toxins from the body.

However, the chief function of vitamin C is the production of collagen - the structural protein that holds our bodies together. As such, it
- hastens the healing of wounds
- prevents bleeding gums
- strengthen capillaries and blood vessels
- preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Collagen is also the subcutaneous 'cement', and facial wrinkles can be a life-long deficiency in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is also a powerful booster of the immune system and well known for its ability to increase resistance to infection and disease by increasing the production of anti-bodies and interferon, which fight microbes and viruses.

Scientific studies have confirmed that megadoses of vitamin C can reduce the risk of a wide range of cancers, and also inhibit tumour development and prolong the survival of cancer patients.

In dosages of at least 1000mg a day, vitamin C helps to lower cholesterol by speeding its conversion to bile.

Vitamin C also aids the absorption of iron, preventing anaemia and provides protection against the devastating effects of smoking and alcoholism.

Deficiency symptoms of vitamin C include:
- susceptibility to colds
- infections and allergies
- easy bruising and slow healing of wounds
- inflamed gums and defective teeth
- fatigue and anaemia
- nervousness, anxiety and depression.

Among the best natural sources of vitaminc C are:
- fresh citrus fruits
- peppers
- guavas
- broccoli
- Brussels sprouts
- cabbage
- papaya
- kiwi.

The natural vitamin C in fruits and vegetables is highly perishable as the vitamin is unstable and disintegrates, not only in cooking, but also in peeled fruits and vegetables.

The Recommended Daily Allowances of vitamin C are 60mg for adults and 45mg for children. However, these are ridiculously low dosages and the main effect is to prevent scurvy.

For optimal benefits, doses of a few grams a day are recommended. Vitamin C tablets that contain Bioflavonoids are preferable.

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