Testimoni AJHT: Osteoarthrithis Semakin Pulih

‎"At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a disease I thought only affects the elderly. I was way wrong when the Orthopaedic Specialist told me it could have been due the excessive exercising I did when I was young(er) without proper foot wear etc (I used to exercise for 2-3 hours straight). Sad, but true. 

Running is a no-no for me, walking up & down the stairs hurts my knees but I usually don't show it because I am too embarrassed to admit that I have osteoarthritis ! :(

All this while I've kept this a secret between me, my family & close friends.

In 2010 after I was diagnosed, I bought some Glucosamine supplements but I stopped taking them after more than a month because:
a) I found out I was pregnant
b) I didn't feel that the supplements were working.

1 month ago, I started supplementing with Shaklee's Advanced Joint Health Tablets and I am slowly starting to feel changes, Alhamdulillah. Less discomfort when I walk up and down the staircase, Alhamdulillah. I will definitely continue taking it ! :)

I highly recommend Shaklee's Joint Health tablets to anyone who needs to free themselves from joint discomfort.:)" - a Shaklee consumer, now a Shaklee Independent Distributor, and a Pharmacist :)

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Nadiah Suhaidi
Shaklee Independent Distributor 
Shaklee ID - 869533
Email: n_nadiah@yahoo.com 
SMS/Whatsapp: 012 229 5680

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