Best Health Supplements - What to Look For?

by Emily Clark

Finding the best health supplements for your body is not always easy. With so many on the market, it can be confusing to figure out which supplements to take and which ones to pass up. Whether you are buying bone-building calcium supplements or a daily vitamin, there are some things you need to keep in mind when shopping for these products.

First of all, consider the purity of the supplement. This isn't always easy to assess, but well-known brand names tend to offer the best. Some bottles even say 'purified' right on the label or have the symbol of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). These are sure signs that a supplement is pure.

Absorbability is also crucial. Once you have purchased a supplement, test it by placing a capsule or tablet in warm water for about half an hour. You can even stir it occasionally to mimic the movement it would make in your stomach. If it hasn't completely dissolved by that time, there's little chance that it will dissolve in your stomach. The best health supplements will dissolve rather quickly so that they are mostly broken down by the time they reach the stomach. This ensures that your body gets the most from the supplement and health digest.

How your body tolerates the capsule or tablet is also important. Many supplements cause slight side effects such as nausea, constipation, or even just gas, but you should know within a few days if your body has trouble tolerating a certain supplement. The best health supplements on the market are not right for you if you get sick when taking them. Move on to another brand, milligram, or formula to see if you have better luck. This involves quite a bit of trial and error, so be patient. (Please read about Healing Crisis here:

Although the best diet supplements and best health supplements can contribute to and improve your overall health, you need to be aware of any interactions. Talk with your doctor about which supplements you are taking to see if their absorption rates or effectiveness can be compromised by your current medications. Many medications can be taken in conjunction with supplements, but your doctor may tell you to space them out a few hours from one another so that you aren't taking the supplement with the medication. You can also look into obtaining vitamins and minerals through proper nutrition and working toward preventing bone loss by working out at least thirty minutes a day.

Bone loss is largely an inevitable part of the aging process, but there are several products that have shown promise in slowing down the onset of this issue. Such products should be carefully selected, however, in order to differentiate them from lesser supplements. An ideal anti-bone loss agent should be judged on its ability to actually prevent bone loss; additionally, such supplements must improve the natural ability of bone cells to maintain overall healthy bone support. Finally, the quality of ingredients and overall value of the product must also be taken into consideration.


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