April 16, 2020

Promosi Set Hamil Shaklee

Promosi Set Hamil Shaklee
Promosi Set Hamil Shaklee

“During one’s pregnancy, the baby is similar to a parasite, and will take all the nutrients that she requires from the mother.

If the diet of the pregnant mom is sufficient for both, it should not cause any problems.

Otherwise, it will take longer for the mother to recover after giving birth, and she may remain weak for a very long time, especially if she does not eat well during her confinement period.

This is why the elderly always make so much fuss out of having healthy diet during the confinement period.” 
- Confinement Care Malaysia
Baca : Testimoni Set Hamil Shaklee
Location: 104, Jln Puisi 1/4, 43000 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia


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